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Engineering for Architects

Structural & Civil Engineering concepts & principles tailored for Architects - Introduction to the fundamental concepts

A course developed for Architects who are interested in expanding their design boundaries. By the end of the course, you'll be able to discover areas where you can achieve 'easy wins' by having an understanding of the core structural and civil principles.

Hosted by George and Rob; Directors from GEARED CONSULTING PARTNERSHIPS; this online introductory course will allow Architects of various experience levels to gain an understanding of the critical elements and forces which are priorities in the engineering layouts. From this, an Architect will understand how to best push the limits of their design in the most efficient way.

As a bonus, we will be sharing our [Architects' Engineering Cheat Sheet] to all attendees. Use this to ensure you have a robust concept design that will keep your engineer from having a whinge during the detailed design process!


Explore the fundamental concepts of that an engineer considers when approaching their design.

Part One

Delve further into the fundamentals of Loads; Forces; & Layouts.

Part Two

Delve further into the fundamentals of Typical Elements; Materials; & Stability.

Structural Engineering Q&A

A monthly session from Geared Directors George & Rob, who field questions from industry professionals and the general public on a range of structural & civil engineering topics.

Alternating sessions to suit UK and Australia timezones.

Stay tuned for the next session!